About Us

How we became a leading supplier of office, industrial and medical facility cleaning in London


Since 1991, QX Services has been providing the best office cleaning services in the London area.

From our humble beginnings as a workforce of just four people, we’ve grown into a team of 150 highly-trained staff. We maintain a high supervisor-to-cleaner ratio to ensure you always have a point of contact and that our cleaning staff are able to exceed your expectations regularly.

Every one of our staff is a full-time employee and has been properly trained and vetted before they are allowed into any of our customers’ offices.

Not only do we provide first-class cleaning services, we also aim to make our working relationship with each and every client a pleasant one. It certainly seems to be working, as some of our commercial cleaning clients have been with us for more than 20 years!

Management Philosophy

QX is committed to providing a quality service at a reasonable price. We employ
a high ratio of managers and supervisors to cleaners so they have the time to ensure your offices are cleaned properly every time we clean.

Our cleaners are all properly vetted, with references, proof of address, bank
details, and entitlement to work in the UK. All our cleaners are employed by us, on permanent contracts and enjoy all the usual benefits that any employee would expect.

Through our computerised timekeeping system, we monitor when and for how long our supervisors and cleaners are at your premises. We check that the right amount of time is spent on the job and our cleaners get paid accordingly. All our managers and supervisors are contactable by mobile phone or text message and we guarantee to respond to a call within 2 hours. We guarantee your premises will be checked regularly and we produce detailed inspection reports so that the quality of our work can be properly managed.

We use the latest methods, the best cleaning materials, conform to the latest health and safety practices and positively nurture a commitment to customer satisfaction amongst all our employees.

Meet our Managing Director Les Beaumont

Picture of Len
Les is a 30 year veteran of the cleaning industry, with some commercial clients who have trusted him with their cleaning for more than 21 years now. Not only does he know how to deliver the highest standards of commercial cleaning, he also knows how to make the relationship between client and cleaning contractor a pleasant and long-lasting one.

“In a service industry you can’t afford not to keep in touch with your customers. Building a good working relationship is vital.”