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FREE Cleaning - but not in London

Nov 27, 2012

How would you like someone to come and clean you house for free?  She’ll vacuum your carpets, dust, wash up and tidy up and take out the rubbish.  Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it?  There must be a catch.  And there is ...

This particular cleaner won’t wait to be invited in.  She’ll simply break into your home and get to work.  If necessary, while you’re fast asleep.

Think I’m joking?  It actually happened to several residents of Cuyahoga County in Ohio, USA.  The woman in question, Susan Warren, then left a bill for $75 for services rendered.

Not surprisingly, she’s due in court soon.  And not for the first time.  She’s got previous convictions for disorderly conduct, failure to register as a solicitor and criminal trespass.

Apparently Warren has complained that the homeowners overreacted.


The US seems to have more than its fair share of deranged cleaners.


Take Diana Williams of Norfolk, Virginia.

She slashed the tyres of the car belonging to a customer’s ex-boyfriend, then, while he was examining the damage, repeatedly tasered him.

A neighbour rushed out, brandishing his own gun (!), and Williams was eventually arrested hiding behind a nearby parked car, still holding the taser, a knife, a club and a sealed envelope.

In the envelope was a threatening letter addressed to the victim.

If that lot's not bizarre enough, Williams is apparently so popular with her customers that they clubbed together to pay her legal fees!  Not that they'll be receiving her services for a while. She's been sentenced to 6 years for the taser attack.


Fortunately, London cleaners are a lot more benign.