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Don't tie yourself into a long-term contract

Sep 20, 2012

Unless your cleaning contractor needs to make substantial capital investment in equipment, cleaning contracts should rarely last longer than a month. It’s the industry standard for a very good reason: a contract longer than that will rob your flexibility. You’ll be stuck paying for the same set of cleaning services, even if they no longer fit your needs, or if the contractor’s performance has deteriorated to an unacceptable standard.

It’s extremely difficult to get out of a long-term contract once the papers have been signed. Not only will it be difficult to negotiate your way out of it (as it will probably have been prepared by their lawyer), some London cleaning contractors who offer year-long contracts (or longer) will even include restrictive conditions for service notice. You could find yourself stuck paying for another year’s worth of unsatisfactory cleaning just because you missed their three-month window for cancellation.

It’s all too easy to find yourself trapped in a cleaning contract like this if you haven’t read the small print. Be clear on the length of your contract from the outset and keep your options open. If you’re genuinely happy with your contractor’s services, then all you’ll have to do is let the contract roll on from month to month.