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Price isn't the only factor

Sep 18, 2012

As with many services, it’s tempting to choose a contractor to provide cleaning based solely on who is offering the cheapest price. This is especially tempting in the competitive London cleaning market, where many cleaning companies are slashing their prices in an attempt to stay ahead of their competitors.

But if a cleaning contractor is offering you a quote that seems too good to be true, ask yourself exactly how they’re able to offer such a low price and still stay in business…..

If they’re lowering their prices, then they’ll be doing it by cutting corners and lowering the standards of cleaning. They may have started to use poor quality supplies, or employ casual staff. They may have limited the number of administrative staff they employ, so it’ll be harder to find someone to talk to in the event of a problem. The list goes on…

Also, bear in mind that many cleaning companies will be willing to negotiate on price. If you find one that seems perfect but whose quote is a little higher than you want to pay, the cleaning company may be willing to negotiate. If you make it clear that you’re seriously interested in doing business with them but would appreciate a slightly lower price, it may be possible to come to a mutually agreeable arrangement that leaves you both satisfied.

Remember, if you make the right decision to begin with, the service you’ll receive will more than justify your initial investment, but if you make the wrong decision for the sake of saving a few pounds, it’ll probably cost you a lot of money to remedy the situation.